The asphalt plant allows you to produce asphalt for roads and other construction projects in South Africa. This plant is reliable and it allows you to produce a lot of asphalt for an affordable price. The plant features a unique design with a double insulated drying drum which doesn’t allow much heat to escape and saves you money on running costs.

Energy and money saving

The drying drum heats up the aggregates which are then moved through the machine. The asphalt plants in South Africa heat up fast and it saves a lot of energy which is going to save you money. You can easily see what the temperature is inside of the drum by reading the gauge on the outside of the drum. The temperature is very easy to control and you can quickly adjust it so the machine is the right temperature for your needs.

The drying drum has special patented blades that make the machine very efficient. The drum heats evenly which leads to a better product. The stove rotates which also makes the asphalt heat up better and this prevents problems with uneven heating.

Mix asphalt efficiently and safely

It is very important that the asphalt is heated evenly and the machine helps to ensure that this works the way it is supposed to. The stove features automatic ignition which makes the asphalt plant for sale in South Africa so much safer and easier to use. The mixing system is strong and it will mix the asphalt safely and efficiently. The mixing system uses a special double horizontal shaft paddle which will mix the asphalt efficiently and easily. The blades are made out of chromium which is known for lasting a long time.

The plant is made to last for a long time and you won’t need to worry about the machine failing on you. The machine needs a minimal amount of maintenance. The mixing drum ensures that the mix is always even.

The first step you need to take when using this machine is to feed the aggregates into the cold feed bins. The machine will deliver the materials into the dryer. As the mix is dried it is conveyed to the drum.

Economical to operate

The machine does not produce emissions and meets emissions standards. The machine has a dust collector that will collect any dust. The dust then goes back into the machine so that nothing is wasted. This plant is economical to operate and it can save you a lot of money since it doesn’t cost a lot of money to operate.

As the asphalt is produced it goes into storage silos that will store the asphalt and ensure that it stays hot. The silos are insulated and they can keep the asphalt hot for a long time. The machine is very easy to use and it will help you produce all of the asphalt that you need. When you need to create a lot of asphalt and you want a system that is easy to use and operate you need to invest in the hot asphalt system so you can get more done in South Africa. If you want to know more details, you can search online for reputable asphalt plant manufacturers in South Africa.